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Wiiihooo! I do not really know how to express what I feel right now but pure happiness! Could fly to the moon and back - seriously without engine! From today on I am officially an Allianz Brand Ambassador!!!!!! It feels sooo crazy and I do not really know what or how to write this post cause my fingers are moving way to fast over the keyboard! I am so excited to help make a difference to young kids, adults and companies to realize and go for their dreams in this awesome cooperation! Aaaah I will be back on this topic later, but right now I can basically not sit still and I want to celebrate with you! Big time! This couldn't not even have been possible without so many of you supporting me, believing and trusting I can do what I do. Sometimes when I struggle to believe or having a hard moment and nothing is going in the direction I want, I read through the messages I receive from you, the comments and try to remember all crazy cool meetings I have had with people who are shining stars! It helps a lot, therefore I also need to say THANK YOU for helping me! : D woooohooo, NOW - let's go celebrate!!! Is it to early for a sip of champagne? : ) (Picture from St Andrews - I am way to excited to take one now!!)

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