Growing up in the small village Forshaga Caroline was from an early age a very sportive girl who loved to compete and even more connect with her team-mates. Floorball was a big part of her life and she managed to qualify for the regional team by the age of 15 & 17 going to play the Swedish Championship match in floorball.

At the age of 16 Caroline decided to give her other sport, golf, a chance and went to golf high school three hours away from home. Moving from home at the age at 16 was one of the greatest challenges she was faced with at the same time she was practising for a future PRO life on tour. 
Her dreams in golf were big and during high school she even tried out her skills for entrepreneurship and competed with her "company-friends" in a competition for the best website online. 

Golf college was Caroline´s next step in line and she attended a college in South Carolina called Newberry. The experience was amazing, however she decided to go back home after only one semester to turn PRO and start playing on the Swedish tour. 

2010 was a great year on tour and Caroline succeeded to qualify for PGA Status and became a member of Professional Golf Association. This meant she was now ready to start her most exciting journey and go qualifying for European Tour.

2011 became exciting for sure, but in a totally different way then she expected. First Caroiline survived an earthquake in New Zeeland and only weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer and the only way to continue living was to amputate her rigth leg above the knee. The carieer and life was put on hold for a while, and Caroline was devastated about this change that came rushing in her life. 

Three weeks later she went through with the surgery that forever changed her life and found herself surviving two times in a short period of time. 
Even tho she was facing loss and had to tackle a lot along the way, she was decided of not letting her positive sigth on life go away.

Caroline made it back to the golfcourse only after two months playing in Swedish Championship and even managed to win together with her sister, best result/team of the day out of all professionals on the Swedish tournament. 
Success was a factor and together with all the struggle Caroline had she still found herself finding strength to go and start giving lectures about her story - in order to help others. By talking she was also helping herself deal with the loss and a rollercoaster of media-attention followed, She was being featured at both Fox News in Arizona, The Times in London, Sky Sports and ESPN. 

Caroline continued to play golf and particpated in both para-golf for disabled and "normal" golf. She managed to win both Swedish Champion, European Champion and World Champion in Paragolf. As well as getting her PGA license back due to a good play on the Swedish Professional tour. By the time she recieved this license she felt ready with her golf carrieer and decided to quit in order to expand her lectures. By this time she was also selected as an ambassador for the nonprofit organisation Star For Life.

When she started to speak she spoke for schools and organisations around in Sweden and realized very soon that her experiences together with education in NLP was a great match in order to make companies improve their conditions on a high level. Questions started coming in from all corners of the world and today she is a speaker who travels to teh jungle of Costa Rica to the most prestigious golf course in the world St ANdrews to give her speech of how to Go Pro and expand towards your potential. 

In 2016 she recieved the prize "This years breakthrough" from SAJ Speaker burea. 

Her story tells about being strong and making a comeback as well as having compassion for the process in order to connect with the whole picture of yourself. By acknowlodging this she believes not only the sky is the limit for the greatness we can create.