Maximize your potential by Going Pro 2.0

2.0 Going Pro
- Travel from amateur to professional 

In most organisations there are hidden potential. The feeling is there. We can do so much more, but we are not getting there. Do you recognize this in your company?

For a lot of people this means going outward to seek inspiration and methods to fix it - something which usually creates a very chaotic feeling. 

High performing teams and individuals expand from within with bigger and more qualitative thoughts. That results in you growing your perspective far beyond your comfortzone, at the same time it fuels the organisation to take the next step to a higher level. 

In order to advance and become a world class team, a team growing from being good amateurs to real pros, you need a world class mindset. 

Caroline´s lecture will help you get this, you will feel the increased level of energy, you will see new perspectives and receive much more inspiration. The increased energy level revitalize more joy and helps you focus on the right things. The lecture inspires you to find the right tools and methods within you to be in the zone and perform on a high level, at the same time you feel good along the way. 

Caroline is an ex professional golfer, is coaching teams and individuals towards championships and knows what it takes to keep your motivation on a high level, to set goals which feels deeply meaningful and encourage a world class teamwork. She knows how important it is to perform, be in the zone and to feel how everything you do flows in the right direction. Through methods aimed to increase self-compassion and connection you make it possible to expand as a team-worker and can realize yours and every team-members super-powers. This results in strengthening the ”We”-perspective and raise engagement for work.

Caroline also use her life-knowledge of change when she speaks. First she survived an earthquake in New Zealand, followed by loosing her leg to cancer and making a comeback to professional golf only 2 months after surgery. Caroline also have an education in NLP, Business and Master level and last year she received the prize in Sweden for Saj, This years breakthrough speaker 2016.

This is what the lecture will give You:
Increases your motivation and engagement over long time by setting meaningful goals.
Strengthen the ”We”-perspective, become aware about your unique superpowers and raise the level of self-compassion on both organisation- and individual level
Develop a world class mindset which will help you get through light or though challenges

1.0 Outstanding 
- Motivation and goals move you forward

What are your aspirations and dreams?
Facing challenges as individual and team can be though and difficult many times. My inspirational lecture is all about changing mindset, facing challenges and create goals which make you grow motivation. By talking about subjects such as empathy, mindset and motivaton this lecture makes you both believe in yourself and feel empowered to master a great challenge. 
Goals have an essential role in our life since they make us feel both motivated, special and that we are a part of a higher purpose. This lecture is mostly based from my life experiences of dealing with both a cancer diagnose and a nature catastrophy. Whilst being in the middle of my professional golf carrieer I had to lift myself up and made a comeback to professional golf just months after my amputation. This lecture will make you reflect on your inner strive and connect to the feeling of creating opportunities for yourself. How can you use the passion of dreams in your daily life to grow energy and be preperad for challenges?

This lecture fits every company who would like to create even better conditions for their individuals to suceed.

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Caroline's Education

NLP Business Master Practitioner for Kjell Enhager & Magnus Kull. NLP Master is the next level in NLP where I learned how to coach a company throught different stages in their developement. 

NLP Practictioner for Kjell Enhager & Magnus Kull. NLP is about finding master stradegies and teach them to others. 

Coaching leadership, for Kjell Enhager and Magnus Kull. I learned more about being a leader of a team at the same time I learned how I can help others to help themselfves. 

LAB Profile, this is a tool to use for understanding language patterns which I am allowed to use in a professional context. 

TUFF for Lasse Gustavsson och Henrik Mattson. During this course I learned everything about how to structure a speech. 

Kommunikologi Modul 1 for Bea Ahlperby & Ewa Jonasen. Studies made around structure in communication and change. 

Coach Leadership for Kjell Enhager & Magnus Kull. Learn about coaching others.

Rethoric course for Elaine Eksvärd. One of Swedens best Rethoric teachers 

Caroline in cooperation with 

The cooperation between Allianz, a leading financial service provider globally and Caroline Larsson support people in realizing their dreams and strengthen the belief in themselves. Knowing your dream, create a strong vision and then realize how you feel empowered by knowing your higher purpose plays an important role of your well-being and performance. Together Allianz and Caroline Larsson makes this possible by focusing on curiosity, confidence and resilience through their cooperation. Allianz strong and well-respected global brand reflects Caroline’s values of supporting dreams, staying curious and having the confidence to believe and trust - that are essential in order to create a great difference in this world.

Caroline supports Star For Life because they dare to work for the development of kids and young adults in heavy environments. Through creativity and competence Star For Life highlight important values which are directly incorporated with each individual and their progress to empowerment. As Star For Life, Caroline also believes the world would be a better place by bringing competence to poor areas, supporting them to dream and help them take the first step towards it. This courage and strong power of will are essential for making the vision of a greater world possible.